Best Marble Polishing Service Gurgaon- Steps to follow !!

Marble brings natural beauty to your home, it is a quite popular option for tabletops, flooring and fireplace mantles. It is a natural limestone that transforms through heat, pressure and time. It provides the most beautiful floor coverings as compared to any other flooring materials. But Marble does fade its shine and luster over time. You should note that for getting the best marble polishing service, you must rely on a trustworthy marble polishing company. It requires proper maintenance whether it is being used for counter tops or flooring.

1.Grinding –  It is the most effective and dynamic step when it comes to marble restoration. It is also helpful for the newly installed marble floors, it improves the flatness and makes it stable. Grinding removes all of the mantelpiece, roughness, makes it smooth and brings flatness to the floor. Grinding is also crucial to get rid of several stains and scratches.

2. Honing – Honing is one of the major steps to bring back the shine of your marbles and provide them a new life. Honing is very much responsible for smoothing the marble floor with industrial diamonds. Honing can help in getting rid of the deep scratches and stains. In some of the cases honing is all that you need to get rid of the awful marble floor and to bring a new life to them. 

3.Polishing – This step proffers a shinning effect on the marble floors. The process of polishing  can be done by industrial diamonds but it requires smaller graded as compared to honing. Sometimes the process of polishing is enough to bring the glitter effect and reincarnate your marble floors.

4.Crystallization –It consists of spraying a liquid on the marble floor and the n buffing it with steel wool under the average speed floor machine. It will enhance your floor to an extent, you will be able to see your reflection on the floor just like a mirror. It also helps in removing the deepest stains and scratches on the floor. It is one of the best methods which will definitely make your marble floor look incredible.

The above steps seem tough but they can deliver slight results to your floor. Though, you can’t get the perfect shine of your marble back without professional marble polishing. If you wish to get back the same shine and make it look all-new you definitely need a marble polishing service. It will restore the same shine and look of your marble floor.

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